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Game viewing in Khwai

The Khwai Community Concession

Leave the Park and enjoy unrestricted game viewing in a privately managed concession. This is the area to enjoy a night drive, walk with an armed guide and track animals off the road.

It is one of our favorite destinations so do enquire for more information and to check availability of the excellent private campsites in the concession.

Khwai Walking Safari

  • Safari at its most raw
  • Walking safari
  • Lodge options available

Don’t worry; we take an armed guide with us. There are not many things as exhilarating as tracking animals or viewing them from behind a termite mound or fallen tree. This is safari at its most raw.

Become attuned to the sounds of the bush. Learn how to identify tracks and recognise smells. Follow descending vultures to locate kills. React to alarm calls from birds to spot predators or cattle egrets to find buffalo. Blend into the natural environment – no longer an observer but part of it.

Our walking safaris are based out of the Khwai Area on the edge of the Moremi Game Reserve (unfortunately, no walking is allowed in the parks) although from time to time, walking trips in other areas are also available.

For safety reasons, walking safaris are not recommended for young children or the elderly or infirm.

Please email us at to discuss more ideas about how to enjoy safari at its most raw.

James Haskins takes a personal approach to introducing you to the splendors of wild Botswana with the care and attention of a true owner/operator. James comines the skills of a great game guide with a profound appreciation for his homeland – he makes a safari a truly intimate adventure.
Jason Mortimer
Lion leaping across the Khwai River
Wilddogs seen in Khwai wilst on safari with Wildland Safaris