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Savuti wilderness


  • Lions and big cats
  • Zebra migration
  • Elephants
  • Ancient rock paintings
  • Lodge options available

Savuti, part of the Chobe National Park, is most famous for supporting one of the largest prides of lions in Botswana. In the hot dry season members of the Savuti Pride (sometimes more than 25 in number) will gather at the waterholes. There, they prey upon other users, mostly elephants, to satiate their hunger.

Other predators are plentiful but elusive. Leopards favour the rocky hills while the open grasslands of the Savuti Marsh are the preferred hunting grounds for cheetah. We can also see zebra migrating from the Chobe River in the North to the Mababe Depression further to the south.

Savuti also offers alternative attractions. The area is characterised by rocky outcrops. Ancient rock paintings can be found throughout its hills. One panel is relatively accessible.

An ancient sand ridge, a relic of a former lake created during wetter times, is another prominent geographical feature in the area.

Finally, the mysterious Savuti Channel inexplicably flows and ebbs dry, cutting off a vital supply of water for the resident elephants. In recent history it spilled out onto the immense Savuti Marsh.

After being dry for two decades, the Savuti River has started to flow again! The Savuti Marsh is rivatalised - transforming the dry marsh into a magnificent wetland.

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Savuti lioness and cubs
Vultures on a kill in Savuti