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Nxai Pan

Nxai Pan / Baines’ Baobabs

  • Zebra migration
  • Big cats and bull elephants
  • Springbok and gemsbok
  • Massive baobab trees
  • Lodge options available

Nxai Pan is one of the smaller parks but definitely worth a visit.

From December until April, zebra arrive in good numbers to graze on the lush grasses. Predators invariably follow ensuring some spectacular game viewing at this time.

Open grassland is the norm, favouring many of the Kalahari’s grazing antelope such as springbok and gemsbok. In the absence of zebra later in the year, springbok maintain the healthy cheetah population.

One of the more dramatic sights is the slow amble of the large bull elephants turning into a charge, dust billowing, as they near a refreshing waterhole.

Remains of ancient beaches are still present and clearly mark the shore of a former inland sea. A variety of other fauna can also be found enjoying the grasslands, such as honey badgers, wildebeest, ostrich, jackal and giraffe.

There are many Baobab trees in this area but perhaps the most celebrated are Baines’ Baobabs, an island of trees painted by Victorian explorer Thomas Baines more than 130 years ago.

Please email with any questions you might have about Nxai Pan.

James Haskins takes a personal approach to introducing you to the splendors of wild Botswana with the care and attention of a true owner/operator. James comines the skills of a great game guide with a profound appreciation for his homeland – he makes a safari a truly intimate adventure.
Jason Mortimer
Nxai Pan bull elephant