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The Chobe River

Chobe River, Botswana

  • Elephants (swimming!)
  • Zebra
  • Incredible birdlife
  • Close to Victoria Fall
  • Sunset boat cruises
  • Lodge options available

The Chobe River is perhaps the greatest attraction of the Chobe National Park; nowhere in Africa is better for viewing and photographing elephants.

Forming the northern boundary of the park, the vital Chobe waterway attracts animals in great numbers during the dry season when water in the interior of Northern Botswana is scarce.

The most impressive sight is the vast numbers of elephants found here. The river provides water for drinking, cooling off and even for play, while the grass on the floodplains is a vital source of nourishment. Private boat cruises can be organised here and you can often follow elephant herds swimming across the river.

In season, the riverfront is teeming with thousands of zebra. They spend most of the dry season by the river, attracted by the guarantee of water and good grazing. Hearing the zebras’ far-reaching calls during the night while tucked up safely in your tent is one of Africa’s most memorable experiences.

Incredible birdlife, good populations of game and large buffalo herds can also be found here. The fishing is pretty good, too.

We like to camp close to the river but there are plenty of other accommodation choices available in the area. Around 70 km away are the Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe), great to visit either before or after your stay here.

Email with any questions that you may have about exploring the Chobe River.

Based on my experience (several safari trips in Botswana including high end lodges), Wildland Safaris and guide-owner James Haskins provides one of the best experiences in the mobile safari sector. James is by far the most dedicated and professionally competent guide I have know. He will do all he can to provide you with exceptional game viewing and the trip of a lifetime.
Christine Klass
Guests photographing elephants swimming in the Chobe River