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Design your safari, set your budget.

Design your safari

Our itineraries are inclined towards the interesting and unique - we aim to leave the beaten track and visit areas of pristine wilderness.

Explore the Okavango by boat, track animals on foot and walk with the San (Bushmen) in the Kalahari. Ride quad bikes across the endless saltpans of the Makgadikgadi. Photograph the amazing wildlife from an airplane, a helicopter or at ground level.

We'll work to your budget to help create your ideal safari. Explore the website for more inspiration.

Make the most of your budget

Enjoy amazing wildlife, up close and personal. We provide a range of safari options from private mobile camping tours (by boat or vehicle) to lodge safaris all shaped to suit your budget and taste for adventure.

Our specialty is to take you off the beaten track and explore areas of pristine wilderness on a mobile safari. Here are two mobile safari ideas to suit your budget and ambitions for your safari holiday. Or, if you prefer the idea of lodge accommodation, email us direct at to ask about lodge options. We can also arrange walking safaris, again, please email us to discuss your requirements.

Levels of comfort

Comfortable Safaris

Enjoy larger tents with a hand-wash basin, raised beds, a pillow, duvet and sheet. Our staff will deliver warm water for you to refresh yourself in the morning and evening.

All tours are accompanied by Company owner and lead guide James Haskins, plus an experienced cook and a camp assistant. Our staff perform all camp duties.

If group sizes are small (up to five or six people), then we will travel in one vehicle with all our equipment in the trailer. Larger groups will require a backup vehicle to carry the extra equipment. Staff travelling in this vehicle will ensure that camp is pitched prior to our arrival. This option is also available to small groups.

The trailer serves as our camp kitchen where tea and coffee is always available. The cook will prepare meals from fresh ingredients with fruit and vegetables being plentiful everyday. There is a meat dish cooked for dinner each evening followed by a tasty dessert - you certainly will not go hungry!

Finally, toilets are dug on site and a proper toilet seat is provided. A hot bucket shower is available after each day of game viewing.

Semi Luxury safaris layout

Semi-lux Safaris

Designed for those who want a few extra creature comforts. We'll provide en suite toilet facilities, attached to the rear of each tent providing greater privacy; the bucket showers remain communal.

We'll provide tents that are even more spacious with electric lighting, raised beds and full bedding included. Hot water will also be brought to your tent every morning.

Take it easier. A back-up crew will drive ahead and erect the camp before our arrival. On moving days we will depart early while the crew break down the camp.

Food for thought. An extended menu will be provided as well as a tented dining area (in the wet season). We'll also provide all bottled drinking water, soft drinks and selected alcoholic beverages.

Comfortable safaris layout


  • 2.4m dome tent
  • Raised bed and bedroll
  • Shared toilet and shower
  • May require extra vehicle for big groups
  • Selected drinks provided on request
  • No participation. Or semi participation
  • Hand wash basin
  • Guide, cook and camp-hand


  • 3m dome tent
  • Raised bed and bedroll
  • Shared showers. En suite toilet
  • Back-up crew and staff
  • Beer, wine, G&T
  • No participation
  • Hand wash basin
  • Guide, back-up crew, cook
  • Battery light in tent
  • Mess tent for dining

Wildland Safaris took us on an adventure that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. For six days and nights we lived Botswana. Forget the crowded tour buses and well-rehearsed commentary that are the lot of most safaris, our guide created our own personalised tour, catering for what we wanted to see, where we wanted to see it. Whether on the delta, or in the game reserve, Wildland came up with the goods everyday. It was utterly brilliant! If you really want to get to the heart of Botswana but have only one opportunity to do so, these are the guys to do it with.
Grahame Bristow
Wildland Safaris semi-lux tent with en-suite
Guest having lunch with Wildland Safaris
Wildland Safaris vehicle on game drive with lion
Wildland Safaris guest with tent