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Zambia Expeditions

Liuwa Plain National Park

  • Wide open grasslands
  • Wildebeest migration
  • The "Mango" Road
  • Expedition style adventure

Why Liuwa

This is a destination for seasoned safari goers, preferably not first timers. Zambia offers remote and unique wildlife areas, far off the beaten safari routes. This is why we offer it as a new destination!

The Liuwa Plains stand in the far west of Zambia near to the Angola border. One cannot appreciate this place unless you know of its turbulent and isolated past. A past which, I am happy to say, has long ended. Short of able management, funding, man power and resources, Liuwa suffered from terrible poaching during the 1990's and received very little in the way of visitors for a couple of decades. When I first visited the park in 2002, we noted from the warden's entry book that we were the first visitors to the park that year! We were alone on the vast plains for a full week and witnessed the wildebeest migration that the grasslands are famous for. Indeed, this is still the park's main attraction and is the reason why safari lovers are drawn here, especially at the start of the rainy season (November and December)

Recently, the management of the park was taken over by an organization called "African Parks." This donor-funded organization has brought relief to Liuwa, securing the park boundaries, the safety of the animals and turning it into a productive safari destination. It is also getting easier to visit Liuwa, as it is now no longer so isolated from the rest of Zambia. This corner of the country had received very little investment and development over the last 2 decades - but that is fast changing. The Chinese are working on new roads and bridges as I write this, making it slightly easier to get to the park. Visitor numbers at the campsite facilities inside are however, still restricted, to maintain the wilderness experience. Further, this part of Zambia is way off the beaten track - only the most intrepid venture here.

Safaris to Liuwa

We offer "expedition" style camping safaris to Liuwa. Starting in Botswana and usually ending in Kasanka or Lusaka (or Livingstone). Timing is everything here, and so the best time to make to Liuwa is the start of the rainy season - late November. This window is short however, as the "big rains" will soon cut off access to the park - usually by late December / January. Getting it right, means arriving in the calving season when 40,000 + wildebeest converge on the southern grasslands. (African Parks boasts that since they took over the park, they have increased the Wildebeest herd form 20 000 animals to more than 45 000 animals!)

I have had the great privilege to be able to visit Botswana (both on several mobile safaris and high end lodges) and can say without hesitation that Wildland Safaris and guide-owner James Haskins provides one of the best experiences in the sector. James is by far the most dedicated and professionally competent guide I have known. His company has provided us with a well organised and comfortable safari while James went out of his way to provide us with exceptional game viewing and the trip of a lifetime.
Christine Klass